Kung Fu Classes in Reading, Berkshire

Class Details

Everybody enjoys their first class with the Jade Dragon Kung Fu School. All the students and the teacher are very friendly and help they all help each other to progress. There are no cliques. There are no big egos and nobody is made to feel inadequate in any way.

From the very first class, you will be amazed at the huge amount of useful and amazing knowledge, techniques and skills you will learn. At the time you’ll wonder how you’ll remember it all but over the next few weeks and months, that knowledge will become an increasingly important part of your life.

You will soon begin to take pride in your increased coordination. Your posture will quickly improve. You will feel less stressed. You will begin to take enjoy your increased mastery over the basic skills (skills which we call basic are often advanced skills in other schools).

Unlike in most martial arts schools, questions are always welcomed in class and experimentation is the norm. Only through experimenting with different ways of doing things can you know what really works and what doesn’t. Children and adults alike are treated with respect and everyone is made to feel like they belong.

You are welcome to come along to any class at any time however, our classes are filling up fast so don’t leave it too late unless you like being on waiting lists. Although you can just turn up without booking we prefer it if you let us know first you are coming as it makes it easier to plan that class.

Please note all classes including children’s classes run all year round apart from 2 weeks at Christmas and 2 weeks in the summer while the hall is refurbished. We continue through half terms, Easter and the rest of the Summer apart from bank holidays when there are no classes. 

Class Schedule

Monday – 7pm-7.50pm  at Caversham Hall    Family Kung Fu

Monday – 8pm – 8.50pm  at Caversham Hall  Adult only Kung Fu

Monday – 9pm – 9.50pm  at Caversham Hall  Adult only weapons Training

Thursday – 8pm – 8.50pm  at Caversham Hall   Tai Chi for all

Thursday – 9pm – 9.50pm  at Caversham Hall   Adult only kung fu

Family kung fu and Tai Chi is for anyone from age 7 and over. Parents can train with their children if they choose.

Adult kung fu and weapons training is for adults from 16 and over

Please note: Monday classes aren’t held on Bank Holiday Mondays.

Please wear comfortable clothes including footwear (no bare feet or socks please). And it’s a good idea to bring water.


Caversham Hall

St Johns Road
Caversham RG4 5AN

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